California Drywall Story

About Us

Since 1999, California Drywall develops and manufactures smaller more manageable sizes of drywall designed to help people manage repairs in their homes as well as hobby items. Its end use customers are do-it-yourself home-owners, plumbers, electricians, painters, and hobbyists (practice of faux painting), who do not want to hassle with large sheets of drywall.


California Drywall is a manufacturing company dedicated to developing better home improvement products that are user friendly and that are not currently being produced. We strive to maintain maintain friendly, fair, innovative, and creative processes, which will be benefited by customers and vendors.


California Drywall was founded in San Diego of 1998, by Todd Hall. Hall was an employee of The Home Depot and recognized the need for a smaller size of drywall from customers asking continually for a smaller size and began a plan to create a standard manageable size for sale. This eventually led to the first product the R116-216 to be sold to HomeBase. That product, first produced in 1998, was distributed for California Drywall by Construction Metals Inc, where it has been successful seller ever since.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank the people below for all the help over the years:

Laura Hall
Dean Thrailkill
Tracy Cavanaugh
Eugene Powell
Shannon Smith
Ben Serna
Mike Leidike
Roy Thompkinson
Jim Thompkinson