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The Real Drywall Repair Kit!

How many times have you needed a small size piece of drywall yet had to buy more than you needed? NO MORE! California Drywall has the perfect solution for any small-fix project...DRYWALL SQUARES!

Specifically created with small jobs in mind, the 16" x 16" squares are uniquely designed to fit, stud to stud. Whether it is a small hole or paint mishap that needs repair, California Drywall Squares eliminates the guesswork and provides a user-friendly approach to help get the job done!

California Drywall Squares offer amazing benefits:

• Quick and easy to install
• Cost Efficient
• Great for transport
• Fewer mistakes
• Less clean up
• Easy to replace

California Drywall Squares are also an added value for your showroom floor. They are great space savers and reduce the inconvenience of unsightly scraps and debris.